How Booth Works for you

Voter Helpline

Link up your mobile number with that of Voter ID card to get Digital Photo Voter Slip on the Personal Vault of ‘Voter Helpline’ Mobile App.

You can carry your mobile phone inside the polling station upto Polling Official using a booth app, for faster verification.

This is an experimental feature to be used only on designated polling station under booth app. The phone would not be allowed inside the polling compartment.

Booth Application

  • Fast electors search in the polling station using QR code
  • Advance Queue information to Voters used Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time Voter turnout information to Voters and Officials
  • Assist Polling Official in detection of duplicate voting

Authentic Identification

Once the QR code is scanned, the mobile app correctly and instantly identifies the Voter and presents to him the colored photograph along with the complete electors details. Marking attendance is instantly done through the booth app. The process is simplified and adds to the authenticity. In future, the Polling Official will not require to carry bulky paper documents containing the Voter list.

Fast electors search

The Voters are distributed QR code based Photo Voter slips. The voters presents with QR code enabled slips at the Polling station. Alternatively, a Voter can carry a Digital Photo Voter slip for paperless entry. Without the use of the internet, the voter is searched from the mobile app. In case of absence of QR code based Photo Voter slip, the voter is still identified through EPIC or Name search.

No Duplicate Entries

The Booth app auto-detects the duplicate entries and prevents repeat voters from entering the polling station. The Polling Official get a loud sound on his mobile phone. The duplicate voter cannot be allowed to be entered into the Polling station as booth app will not accept it.

Advance Queue Information

Using Artificial Intelligence and advanced mathematical models, the booth app calculates the queue at the polling station. This information is then pushed to the Voter Helpline Mobile app.The Voter using their mobile phone can check the current queue and plan their visit accordingly.

Automated Poll Turnout

The booth app is configured to connect to the central ECI server in a minimalistic way and transmits the data in the encrypted manner. This helps in giving meaningful information about gender wise polling, age wise polling, speed of polling, traffic during the day and other poll related events and incidences. This helps the Election officers in making right decision in right time.

Real Time Event and Incidence

The Presiding officer also uses the booth app to record poll incidences and events. The PRO can register any poll incidence like riot, Fraudulent defacing, destroying or removal of the list of notice or other documents at the polling station, Natural calamity, Booth capturing, Failure of voting machine. The incidence reported by PRO is flashed to the Sector Magistrate, District Election officer as a red alarm.

EVM / VVPAT inventory Management

The booth app has a module for sector magistrate who is responsible for carrying reserve EVM/ VVPAT machines. Upon reporting by the Presiding Officer through the booth app itself, the sector magistrate gets an alert and the inventory replacement are recorded on the app. This way the decision makers get to know the statistical report and the reason for replacement instantly compiled on the dashboard.

Real-time information of Polling party through GIS

The polling party location is also tracked on the map view.

This helps in correctly locating the polling parties.

The Presiding officer is also tracked from the booth app and thus immediate intervention is provided.

The sector magistrate location is also visualised on the GIS dashboard, thus in future the last mile information about reserve machines will be available for decision makers.

Presiding Officer Diary

From Voter turnout to incidences the PRO records all the data in the booth app to generate a digital PRO diary.

PRO also receives the poll material and record in the app. He reports his arrival in the polling station through the app and also the poll start and end time.

This minimises the paperwork, speeds up reporting mechanisms and provides assimilated reports in the dashboard to senior officers.

How Booth App Works ?

Booth App is a
Revolutionary Idea

Works in offline mode

QR code scanning make the process faster

Stops casting of bogus votes

Provides live voter turnout data

Manages queue with live queue status

Delegates authority and work flow beautifully